Soho Flowers 120cms scarf ~ William Blake ~ petrol blue, black, purple, black/pink


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“you’re the measure of my dreams”

“Cockney Chokers” aka London twillies

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materials : 100% silk twill
size: 25 x 120cms
made in Britain


Inspired by #AgnesPegg who was the last flower seller of Piccadilly Circus. Her career spanned over 50 years. Her pitch was outside the London Pavilion along with her famous cries “violets, violets, lovely violets” she sold orchids and roses to the theatre goers.
“In his 1851 work London Labour and the London Poor, Henry Mayhew wrote that many of the flower girls on the streets of London were of “an immoral character,” and worked as prostitutes as well; but others were young children, “very persevering, … who will run along, barefooted, with their ‘Please, gentleman, do buy my flowers. Poor little girl!’ — ‘Please, kind lady, buy my violets. O, do!’” He estimated there were between 400 and 800 flower sellers on the streets, but said it was impossible to be certain of a number, because when oranges were cheap and tasty, the flower girls sold those instead — or they sold watercress, or onions.

By 1889, the publication Toilers in London put the number of city flower sellers at 2,000. They had not been a fixture on London streets for long, but had become plentiful so quickly that it was hard to imagine the metropolis without them. They stood in the main thoroughfares, and at the entrances to hospitals and cemeteries, and they sold to people of all classes, even “the poorest and the lowest. … The love of flowers is one of the most hopeful symptoms in the condition of the very poor in London.”

London Labour and the London Poor, Volume 1. Henry Mayhew, 1861”

quote by from her book The Cowkeepers Wish by Kirsten von Hartog

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petrol blue, purple, bronze, black, black~pink