Ladbroke Grove Gas Angels ~ sunset Cockney Choker


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“Cockney Chokers” aka London twillies

“ Where the #GrandJunctionCanal and the main line railway to #Paddington diverge from their parallel course there is a teardrop shaped patch of land bounded on the east by #LadbrokeGrove. In 1845 the #WesternGasCompany built a gas works there facing #AllSoulsCemetery {…gas angels…} on the other side of the canal. When #NorthKensington was developed for housing in the second half of the 19th century the Gas Works sat waiting at its northern edge. And there it stayed as London grew around it. In 1936 the Gas and Light Company built a progressive housing development on the Ladbroke Grove edge of the site powered by the wonder of gas, #KensalHouse…”
Dave Walker

materials : 100% silk twill
size: 6 x 105cms
made in Britain